It’s easy to see why we’re noted for our care of back and neck injuries, but we’re so much more. Employees need employment physicals, random drug screens and someone who can treat their injuries. The demand for D.O.T and physicals exams continues to grow and our Drug/Alcohol safety programs keep workers at work in a safe environment. Doctors are referring patients for therapy and attorneys want their clients treated now. We have patients scheduled for treatment throughout the day and know to allow time for emergencies and walk-ins. You can see we stay busy, but don’t get us confused with the “big guys.” We get to know our patients and treatment is always face to face (no group sessions). From the moment you call you will know you’re in the right place. Our patients tell their friends and we keep growing.

Dr. Ken Edwards

  • Occupational Health
  • D.O.T.
Occupational Health

Employees looking for new and more cost-saving ways to improve work productivity have created a demand for our occupational services. Pre-employment exams can be “custom fitted” to focus on high-risk areas, and our drug and alcohol safety programs are compliant with D.O.T., O.S.H.A. and public health relations. When combined with our risk management programs, you will increase productivity and reduce insurance rates.

When injuries occur-report A.S.A.P. We allow time for emergencies throughout the day. Once the injury has been evaluated the employer will be contacted, advised of the diagnosis and treatment plan. Most injuries can be treated in office with most employees returning to work the same day. If needed, referrals will be made to another physician on your provider list.

As an employer you may request a second opinion to evaluate an employee's injury or ability to return to work. Our computerized range of motion and muscle test is an objective study that reveals a patients ability to function. Insurance companies, employees, and attorneys refer patients for medical evaluation and our doctors are certified expert witnesses.

List of Services

  • Injury Care
  • X-Ray/MRI
  • Pre-employment Physicals
  • D.O.T/C.D.L. Exams
  • Blood/Urine Lab
  • Random Drug Screen Panels
  • Alcohol testing breath/swab
  • Post Accident Exams
  • Independent Medical Exams
  • Risk Management Services
  • On-site Drug Testing
  • Occupational Aids (Braces, Supports, Shoes, glasses, etc.)

Whether you're stopped on the side of the road or face to face with a D.O.T audit, we can take your D.O.T worries away. We are 49 CFR 40 compliant and remain in constant contact with the D.O.T providing services for owner/operators, small and large fleets across the nation.

When accidents occur or random drug screens require testing, our clinic can provide the services and our network of clinics reach form coast to coast.


  • Complete DOT Consortia
  • C.D.L./D.O.T. Physicals
  • Breath/Alchohol Testing
  • Random Drug Screening
  • Pre-Employment Exams
  • Post-Accident Requirements
  • Drug Screens
  • Health Cards

Our D.O.T. services not only keep you compliant with D.O.T. regulations, they could also reduce your insurance rates.